7 Times Kaia Gerber Was Cooler Than I’ll Ever Be

When I was 15 the fashion scene was still a bit cringey β€” it wasn’t half as horrible as the trends of the early to mid 00s, but still pretty bad. Flared jeans were still acceptable (but were swiftly overtaken by jeggings), everyone’s Halloween costume was either Lady Gaga or Ke$ha, and The Jersey Shore was still airing. I didn’t have thousands of makeup tutorials to watch or beauty guru’s to give me style advice and Forever21 wasn’tΒ everywhere.

Are you even surprised that my 15 year old self couldn’t hold a candle to Kaia Gerber?

The daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford, she’s also been making waves as a model herself. With her genes it’s no surprise that Kaia is both beautiful and stylish, and even now, at the age of 21, I still don’t look half as good as she does.

Her everyday outfits are sporty and casual, making themΒ perfectΒ to copy.

Rocking the denim-on-denim trend, Kaia adds a bit of punk rock to her look with black boots and frayed jean shorts. The small black details from her sunglasses and purse really make the outfit.

This sporty-casual look can be easily replicated. Just throw on a striped top over your favorite pair of leggings and add a flannel to the whole ensemble. It’s that easy!

Wearing boots once again, this comfy look is perfect for a hangout sesh with friends. Keep things conservative up-top with a long sleeved shirt and layer up with a button-down. Then show some skin with a pair of short-shorts.

This trendy look can easily be replicated with a quick trip to Forever21. Just get a pair of high waisted jeans and an off-the-shoulder crop-top and you’re good to go!

This outfit is perfect for anyone who wants to look good, without having to do too much. Find a fun sweater or hoodie (Kaia’s has flames on it!) and pair it with simple sneakers and cutoff shorts.

Kaia manages to make pink look punk with this wintery look. An easy way to replicate this look is by wearing all black except for your sweater, which you can wear in any sweet color.

Like many of Kaia’s outfits, this look is all about the details. She trades out her standard black boots for something with a bit more detail and they just so happen to match her leather jacket. Let’s not forget about the adorable cap either!


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