Selena Gomez Just Released The Sexy Summer Song We Needed

At the end of her last music video, “Bad Liar,” Selena Gomez teased her next musical endeavor, “Fetish,” and to tell you I was hyped would be an understatement.

She spent the last week posting teasers of the song on her Instagram account, so I was ready and waiting for the song when it was released.

The song follows the standard Selena formula, which focuses more on the beat of the song instead of intense vocal ability – the difference between her and Demi Lovato – but has a rugged vibe with the inclusion of rapper Gucci Mane. It could just be me, but the song seems heavily influenced by her relationship with The Weeknd, whose songs are some of the sexiest around.

I could see this song being a great addition to any road trip with the girls, or better yet, for an evening with some candles, lingerie and a lover.

The simple video is directed by Petra Collins, who has shot the likes of Barbie FerreiraZendaya and Kim Kardashian. Petra’s distinctive sultry, sexy and sweet style has permeated the entire video and left it with an enviable aesthetic. The photographer has managed to capture Selena’s sex appeal without having to resort to nudity.

While this is just a teaser to the real video – also directed by Petra – it could almost pass as a real music video, and I can’t help but get some serious makeup inspiration from Selena’s dewy no-makeup look.

While her vocal chops may not be the most impressive, you have to admit Selena’s music is catchy, and I’m definitely excited to see what other music is on her upcoming album.

Originally published on FlockU

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