Pugs Aren’t Cute, They’re A Genetic Disaster

I don’t like pugs.

There, I said it.

I find their abnormally large eyes disconcerting and their constant wheezing an annoyance. However, this opinion isn’t shared by most.

Pugs have been owned by the likes of Queen Victoria, socialite Paris Hilton, and YouTuber Felix Kjellberg (Pewdiepie)–not to mention dozens of internet “famous” folks. it’s almost impossible to find an item nowadays that doesn’t come with a pug plastered on it. PJ’s, pillowcases, coffee mugs, hand towels, gift cards–if anything has been mass produced, odds are it comes in pug form.

While the breed’s health problems have been public knowledge for some time, their popularity has prevented anyone from stopping their mass production. Pugs have to be inbred with one another to maintain the look that makes them so popular — squished faces, huge eyes, chubby body, and curly tails — but each of these qualities (or rather, genetic defects) can totally screw with the animal’s health.

Their squished faces are the reason they always sound out of breath–because they are. Their flat faces can lead to a multitude of respiratory problems, which in turn can cause them to overheat and die (dogs don’t sweat, so they have to pant to cool down).

Their buggy eyes are the result of their skulls being too small, causing too much pressure and making their eyes look like they’re “popping out”, which funnily enough, can actually happen (just pop it back in, cute!).

The breed’s chubbiness is in part due to their genetics, but also has a lot to do with their inability to actually live an active lifestyle. Remember those breathing problems? Hello, obesity!

Oh, and those adorably curly tails? They’re an indicator of spinal problems.

If you’re a real dog-lover you’ll stop supporting the pug business and help end the breed’s suffering. Or is internet fame more important?

Originally published on FlockU

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