Pick An Actor To Play Lestat In “The Vampire Chronicles” TV Show

Interview with the Vampire is the first novel in Anne Rice’s gothic vampire series The Vampire Chronicles.

Originally published in 1976, the book was immensely popular and eventually became a wildly successful film. The movie starred Brad Pitt, Kristen Dunst, Antonio Banderas and Tom Cruise as vampires in a time long before cellphones and Twilight. The film catapulted Brad Pitt and Kristen Dunst into stardom and helped Tom Cruise solidify himself as a serious actor.

The most recent novel in The Vampire Chronicles series was released just last year, and the author has hinted at even more. Anne Rice has created an incredible world of the undead and an incredible history behind each character, particularly Lestat.

A dark and flawed character, Lestat de Lioncourt is the narrator and anti-hero of most of the novels. He’s been portrayed on screen by both Tom Cruise and Stuart Townsend, but both renditions received backlash from fans and critics for not following the novels’ description of the character. But all that may change.

Last year, Anne Rice regained the rights to her vampire characters and has publicly spoken about her interest in creating a TV show based on the series. In a recent post on the author’s Facebook page, she requested that fans of the series give suggestions on who they’d like to play the character on television.

As a fan of the series I definitely have a few ideas.

Alexander Skarsgard
The Swedish actor is a bit “up there” in age when it comes to playing an immortally young character, but he’s still looks good. His recent stint on HBO’s Big Little Lies proved Alexander has some amazing acting abilities. And when you put his past playing a vampire on True Blood into consideration, he certainly has the experience to play Lestat.

Jared Leto
As an actor with a reputation for taking on interesting roles and going through unbelievable physical changes, Jared Leto could bring an interesting spin to Lestat. And as a member of 30 Seconds To Mars, Mr. Leto would easily be able to take on Lestat’s musical career.

Gaspard Ulliel
The character is bold, brooding and dripping with sexual charisma, three things Gaspard Ulliel definitely has. Lestat speaks both English and French, which just so happens to be Gaspard’s native language. Could it be fate?

Toby Regbo
Just because he’s the youngest on this list doesn’t mean that Toby wouldn’t have the ability to play this role. He previously starred in the critically acclaimed movie Mr. Nobody – which funnily enough, also starred Jared Leto – showing off his acting chops. His role on the period drama Reign also proved that he looks good in clothes from the past.

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