Make A PB&J For Grownups With This Wine-Flavored Jelly

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of thousands of adult-children (aka college kids) jumping for joy.

A California-based company, Drunk Jelly, has recently made waves on the internet for making a sweet spread that the drunk in mind but young at heart will be able to enjoy. The creators of wine jelly came up with their brilliant idea whilst enjoying a picnic in the park. Their picnic included a charcuterie board (fancy meats and cheeses) and wine, so the only thing they were missing was wine jelly.

Since both jelly and wine are made with grapes, it seems like a pretty obvious creation, no?

The company sells jellies in a variety of flavors. There’s the ever-popular but never basic rose, a hearty merlot, a sweet moscato and even a light chardonnay. Don’t know your wines? Just get one of their “wine flights” and pick out three you’d be interested in giving a whirl.

Enjoy the spreads on bread, with meat or cheese or, better yet, use it to make a fancy PB&J.

Unfortunately, all of the jelly is nonalcoholic, but what goes better with wine than more wine?


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