Is The New Guillermo del Toro Movie Actually A Prequel To “Hellboy”?

Fans of Guillermo del Toro, rejoice! The amazing director is back from his brief hiatus (if four years is brief) with a film his fans are sure to love.

The upcoming movie, The Shape of Water, had the internet buzzing the second the trailer was released and it’s easy to see why.

As a fan of Del Toro’s work, I quickly noticed that his distinctive style shines through, and The Shape of Water seems to be inspired by one of his other films, Pan’s Labyrinth, which has the perfect blend of fantasy and horror. I’m going to assume this film will be the same considering its R rating.

It’s about a mute woman working as a janitor during the 1960s. The lab she cleans is home to an amphibious man that she eventually befriends and attempts to release from captivity. An interesting premise, no?

While watching the trailer, I couldn’t help but notice that one of the characters looked eerily familiar. Specifically, the unnamed creature. He bears some fairly obvious resemblances to one of del Toro’s other characters: Abe from the Hellboy series. Not only are they both amphibious, but they happen to be played by the same actor, Doug Jones. There’s also a scene where the character eats a hardboiled egg, which everyone knows Abe has a fondness for.

A coincidence? I think not!

Are we finally getting the Hellboy prequel-slash-spinoff we never asked for but still desperately needed?

With little else to work off of besides this trailer, we’ll have to be patient, but I for one wouldn’t be surprised if this movie ties into some of del Toro’s other films.

The film comes out on December 18.

Originally published on FlockU

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