Forget Friends, You Can Finally Drink With Your Cat

The days of your cat quietly judging you in the corner as you down your third glass of wine are finally over, now Fluffy can join in on the fun.

Originally featured on the cinematic treasure that is Shark Tank, Apollo Peak is selling a line of “cocktails” (get it? tails?) for your furry companions. Their collection of brilliantly named “cat wines” are non-alcoholic, but feature your feline’s favorite green herb: catnip.

Each drink is perfectly safe for your pet to drink and it’s even healthy–there are beets in there! If your cat is prone to laziness, give him or her a bottle of Apollo Peak. You’ll see ’em perk right up and play like never before.

The range has a wide variety of flavors like the mosCATo, the MEOWtini, and the CATbernet. Want to get brunch? Don’t worry, there’s even a MEOWmosa.

If you’re not a cat person, don’t fret. The brand also has beverages for your canine companion. How does a charDOGnay sound to you?

Originally published on FlockU

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