5 Youtube Channels To Watch For Awesome Bullet Journal Inspiration

After my last article about the organizational tool that is bullet journaling, I received a lot of questions from friends and family asking me for more information about the system.

Now, I’m no bullet journaling expert — I’m the furthest thing from it as a matter of fact — but everything I’ve learned about bullet journaling I’ve learned from others. I’ve watched countless Youtube videos and read dozens of blog posts on the subject, and I still learn something new everyday!

These are a few of my favorite bullet journalers to watch when I’m looking for a bit of inspiration, maybe they’ll inspire you too!

Amanda Rach Lee

Amanda is a a hell of an artist. Her gorgeous bullet journals are absolutely gorgeous and each month she creates an entirely new theme. She makes loads of videos about art and if you’re an aspiring bullet journaler her videos are a great thing to aspire to. She even has videos where she’ll teach you how to fix your mistakes.

Study With Inspo

Brian is only 16 years old — a baby practically — but he’s infinitely more organized than I was at his age (I’ve lost a textbook the first day of class before). His videos aren’t specifically about bullet journaling, but more about how to organize better in general. His videos include tutorials on how to improve your handwriting, how to take effective notes in class, and how to stay ahead in school.

Miss Louie

Erica’s channel is more about fashion than bullet journaling, but her occasional videos on the subject are incredibly helpful. Following her monthly set up could be a great place to start for any beginner bullet journaler, she’s super organized!

Ann Le

I aspire to be as skilled at bullet journaling as Ann is one day. She herself is rather new to bullet journaling, but you wouldn’t even be able to tell! She does things a bit out of the ordinary, instead of following a strict bullet journal system she fills her notebook with what she considers useful to her own life. She’d organized everything from her nail polish to her makeup in her bullet journal — are you impressed yet?

Study Quill

Jasmine’s Youtube channel actually provides really awesome studying tips, and doesn’t every university student need help with that? Her channel is loaded with useful tips on how to cram before an exam, how to memorize things for longterm use, and even what kind of music to listen to as you study. I can already feel my grades improving.

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