21 Sayings From The Past We Need to Bring Back

It seems like just yesterday that “on fleek” was a huge part of the millennial vocabulary. But now, only two years later, the word is practically obsolete (I said it to my kid sister once and she looked at me like I’d spoken Swahili).

This linguistic phenomenon has occurred for centuries, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fight the trend. Consider adding some of these old-school words to your vocabulary–your parents probably still won’t understand you though.

Synonymous with groovy, funky, cool, or awesome. To do something really well.
“What an ace party.”

Apple butter
Smooth talk or flattery.
“He’s so good at apple butter.”

Apple sauce
Bullshit or a lie.
“Every word out of his mouth is apple sauce.”

A term used to describe horrible DJs. Also used to refer to DJ’s with a mainstream sound or lacking creativity.
“The Chainsmokers have gotten so Atari.”

“Banana oil!”
To accuse someone of lying or doubt what they’re saying.
“I saw Drake last night.”
“Banana oil!”

A lively, spirited woman, possibly with a fiery streak.
“She’s a total bearcat.”

Used to describe something offensive or unrealistic.
“That movie was so bogue, man.”

A rowdy or overexcited response to something minor.
“If you weren’t drunk none of this brouhaha would’ve started.”

Dog soup
A glass of water.
“Hurry up and give me some dog soup before I puke.”

Fake out
A bad date.
“I had such a fake out last night.”

Giggle juice / Giggle water
“She got into the giggle juice last night.”

Messy, sloppy, or dirty.
“His room was so grody I had to run out of there.”

“Ish kabibble!”
What to say when you don’t care or worry about the situation. “No problem.”
“Sorry about last night.”
“Ish kabibble.”

A good sport.
“We beat him by 30 points and he didn’t care, what a lalapazaza.”

What to say when something is awesome or amazing.
“Look at that girl!”

Noodle juice
“How do you take your noodle juice?”

Razz my berries
To excite or impress.
“That concert really razzed my berries.”

Your rear end or butt.
“I’m going to smack your wazoo.”

Someone who thinks he or she is smarter than everyone else.
“Could you stop acting like such a wisenheimer?”

To be anxious, nervous, or have the jitters.
“This assignment is giving me the zorros.”

To be drunk.
“I’m totally zozzled.

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