I Finally Tried Halo Top Ice Cream And Now I Get The Hype

I don’t live in the U.S, so when the Halo Top craze hit I didn’t understand it since I didn’t have access to any, and honestly, at the time I just thought it was a brilliant marketing scheme.

“Low cal” foods were always synonymous with “less delicious” in my mind… boy was I wrong.

After moving to the East Coast this summer, I finally decided to try Halo Top. Well, my boyfriend decided to try it (I just stole the carton from him) and I wasn’t disappointed.

We started our Halo Top adventure with their lemon cake flavor. Oh my god. It’s rich but not fatty, it’s sweet but not too sweet.

There’s enough lemon flavor to give it that citric kick, but not so much of it that you think you’re eating sherbet instead of ice cream. And before you ask, yes, it tastes like real ice cream–maybe even better.

We finished that pint that very day, but I didn’t feel the overwhelming sense of guilt I usually get when I down a pint of ice cream in a single sitting–yes, that kind of thing happens often and no, I don’t have an ice cream addiction–and it was easy to understand why. Halo Top ice cream ranges from 240 calories per pint to 320 calories per pint, that’s a 25 percent fewer calories than others brands. You heard me, 25 percent.

Their vanilla bean ice cream clocks in at 240 calories per pint, while Ben & Jerry’s vanilla ice cream is a whopping 1,000 calories per pint and Talenti’s vanilla bean gelato is 760 calories per pint. Doesn’t it just make you wonder what the hell they’re putting in other ice cream brands?

Its low calorie count makes Halo Top the perfect thing for any college kid looking to indulge in ice cream without going up a jean size. Just think of all the breakups and boy troubles you’ve had, now imagine those same break-ups if you had Halo Top in your arsenal.

You could cry over your ex and eat ice cream to your heart’s content and still look like the “winner” of the break up. You could make boozy milkshakes with your friends and not have to worry about your waistline.

Do you need any other reasons to make the low-cal ice cream switch.

Originally published on FlockU

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