Get That Summer Body The Easy Way With This Hairy Swimsuit

Just when we thought we’d seen it all, at least when it came to fashion, clothing company Beloved Shirt decided to prove us wrong.

The so-called “sexy chest one piece” isn’t quite what you’d expect. Instead of bosoms that would make the Baywatch cast jealous, the swimsuit features a male body covered in body hair. A lot of body hair.


The company doesn’t really explain their reasoning behind this design choice, but the description for the swimsuit is pretty spot on: “Make the pool boy say WTF” — we don’t think he’s the only one who’ll say “WTF.”

The one piece comes in three shades and runs from size XS to XXL, so for $44.95 any beach-goer looking to cause a sensation will be able to do just that. If you’d like the same look with a little less skin (ha) the company also has a “sexy chest tracksuit,” so you can work that summer body while hiding behind another one.

With male rompers and lace shorts going viral this year, it was only a matter of time until something new hit the shelves. I wonder what’s next, hats made of cat hair?

Originally published on FlockU

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