17 Awful Pick-Up Lines That Should Never Be Used

“Are you French? Cus MaDAMN.”

I’ve had my fair share of bizarre and unwelcome pick-up lines in my time. Sometimes these “compliments” were simply the product of awkward timing, other times they were just blatantly ignorant or cringe-worthy.

I knew I couldn’t be the only victim of an awful pick-up line, so I took to Facebook and asked a bunch of strangers what the weirdest compliment they’ve ever received was. Here are some of their responses:

“‘You should always wear tank tops, your shoulders look nice.’ Uhh, thanks?” – Taylor K. 20

“Once, someone told me they wanted to put my skin in a glass and drink it. This was before online dating, it was in person and that much weirder.” – Sarah E. 19

“It was something along the lines of ‘Hey can I ask you something? You’re going to think I’m weird, but I’m really into this. Would you blow a raspberry on my stomach?'” – Alana W. 23

“‘Honestly, I would pour my heart and soul into a grilled cheese for you.'” – Jean K. 22

“I once had a guy tell me, ‘If I were a dragon, I’d kidnap you because you’re as pretty as a princess.’ He showed up at my work once and wouldn’t leave ’til I got off…” – Kat A. 23

“I was a waitress in kind of a dive bar/pub: ‘Where are you from?’ ‘Massachusetts.’ ‘Oh I’ve never been to Mass, but I’d like to lick your pussy!'” – Emily G. 19

“Your intelligence is intoxicating.”– Katie P, 19

“So, my name is Marley, and many things are about the dog Marley. Once I got one that was: ‘Marley, huh? Are you as horny as a dog in heat?’ I blocked them immediately.” – Marley R., 17

“A man in his 80s came up to me once and was like, ‘You have a lovely smile. You remind me of my first wife.’ I was like ‘Oh, that’s sweet.’ Then he leaned in really close and said, ‘I’ve never been married.’ I thought it was just this sweet grandpa, but things got creepy real quick.” – Sarah R. 19

“I used to work as a parking attendant for a university. I sold a parking permit to an older couple for $10, and the man (who was driving) said, ‘Back in my day, $10 bought at least a kiss.’ With his wife in the passenger’s seat.” – Ryan Z. 19

“I have a whole slew of these: ‘Are you French? Cus MaDAMN,’ ‘You’re dope. Young, but dope,’ ‘Wot ‘n tarnation, there is a fellow lover of memes on here, good evening m’lady.'” – Briana E. 19

“There was a girl at my high school that I didn’t know, but we had a mutual friend, and when I met her she said, ‘You have perfect lips, your mouth shape is amazing’, and every time I said anything else she basically repeated it.” – Whitney D. 21

“‘Have you ever watched “Dawson’s Creek”? You remind me of Dawson. I want to take you out and buy you clothes.'” – Daniel A. 28

“On a first date, after we got some pizza at the mall: ‘Wow. Your mouth is so huge. I bet you could just swallow me whole. Man, I wish I was that slice of pizza.’ I faked getting a phone call from my dad and told him I had to leave.” – Zita V. 21

“The sheer awkwardness makes me laugh. One time a truck full of guys drove by slowly and threw a fake flower at my feet while whistling. It was weird at the time because… what? Where did they come from? Why did they have a fake flower? It was just… so weird. So very weird.” – Maisye T. 20

“‘Hey, baby squirrel, you’re such a hot little squirrel’, said by a guy that was inside a car when I was walking. I was 13.” – Natalie F. 18

“This happened some time in middle/high school: ‘Your skin looks so soft and smooth, reminds me of a dolphin.'” – Ebony W. 22


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