8 Gifts For The Avocado Lover In Your Life

Of all today’s trendy superfoods, the avocado is undoubtedly my favorite. I put the green fruit in my morning smoothies, on sandwiches, in brownies – I’m an avocado addict.

As a person who has received many a gift centered around avocados, I thought it only fair if I shared some that you could give to the avocado lover in your own life:

1. Avocado socks.
These socks are perfect for keeping your feet warm and for reminding everyone about your avocado obsession. Talk about two birds with one stone.

2. Avocado chocolate.
Is there anything more hipster than a chocolate bar made out of avocado? Compartes chocolates are known for not only being beautiful, but also for being delicious. You might as well get one for yourself, too.

3. Avocado slicer.
Easily cut your avocado into perfect slices and enjoy them on whatever you like – I like it on toast, personally.

4. Avocado cuber.
This is for the person who already has the slicer.

5. Avocado bikini.
Imagine tanning in this thing! You’d make people do a double take for more than one reason.

6. The Avocado Cookbook
If they’re like me and love eating avocado, then this cookbook is a must-have. After all, you can use an avocado for more than guacamole.

7. “Holy Guacamole” t-shirt
This pocket tee is the perfect item for anyone who loves a casual outfit. You’ll be able to wear this to brunch or to bed, all the while reminding people of your love for avocado.

8. Avocado string lights.
Forget fairy lights, these twinkly avocados are even more magical. Imagine hanging these in your dorm room.

Impress your loved one even further and go the extra mile by wrapping all these green gifts in some tasteful (hehe) avocado wrapping paper.

Originally published on FlockU

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