6 Times Kristen Stewart Was The Queen Of Casual Outfits

Ever since coming out as gay on Saturday Night Live earlier this year, Kristen Stewart has been taking her IDGAF attitude to the streets with casual outfits no other female celebrity would dare to leave the house in. Her go-to look usually involves a loose-fitting denim, a simple shirt and a pair of sneakers–her girlfriend, model Stella Maxwell, is another key component of Kristen’s look.

Wear these outfits on a date, to the airport, to the club–the best part of these looks is their versatility. If Kristen can manage to make these simple outfits work for her, I’m sure you can, too!

Try trading your go-to high-waisted jeans for a low-rise pair and match it with a similarly-colored top.

The main difference between this outfit and the last is the edgy quality that comes with the ripped jeans. Consider adding ripped jeans to any outfit you’re looking to make a little more “rock ‘n roll.”

Kristen pairs a red cropped sweater with rolled sleeves and a loose pair of cuffed boyfriend jeans in this perfect comfy-casual outfit.

There’s a sense of sportiness in this outfit, and the tight-fitted windbreaker adds a bit of color and dimension to the otherwise simple outfit. Consider this look the next time you’re traveling.

This simple look can be replicated by anyone who owns a white tee and white sneakers. Matching your shoes to your top is a simple and easy way to coordinate any outfit.


This outfit is a prime example of how easy it is to add layers to a simple look. Kristen’s go-to jeans are paired with a tummy-showing top, but adds a pop of fun with a beanie and an olive green bomber.


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