6 Celebrity Pregnancy Pics That Are Too Beautiful For Words

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. A woman’s body goes through countless changes–both good and bad–all in the hopes of raising a strong and healthy baby.

For the average woman, being pregnant means trying to stay sane when out in public, but for a pregnant celebrity, it means staying sane in front of one thousand cameras.

Luckily for us, these cameras also provided some of the most beautiful shots of pregnancy that we may not have gotten to see otherwise.

1. Serena Williams.
Serena’s pregnancy was perhaps the biggest shock the sporting world has had in years–especially after it was discovered that she won the Australian Open while she was several weeks along.

After accidentally announcing her pregnancy on Snapchat, the athlete has talked about her pregnancy on multiple occasions. In an exclusive interview with Vanity Fair, she talks about her engagement to Reddit co-founder and her hopes for the future.

2. Beyonce Knowles.
Beyonce’s announcement that she was expecting twins was perhaps one of the craziest moments of 2017–so far. After experiencing trouble getting pregnant with her first child, Blue Ivy, her fans couldn’t have been more overjoyed to hear about her second, and her amazing maternity shoot was just the icing on the cake.

3. Demi Moore.
As one of the most iconic and recognized photos of the early 90s, this maternity shoot practically created the billion dollar pregnancy photo business. Shot by Annie Leibovitz (who also took Serena Williams’ pregnancy photos), this photo made pregnancy sexy again.

4. Milla Jovovich.
This gorgeous shot of Milla was taken while she was eight months pregnant with her second child. Looking both elegant and sensual, she’s really proving just how beautiful motherhood can be.

5. Natalie Portman.
Natalie not only took a series of photos while pregnant, she also starred in a music video. Shot elegantly in black and white, the video even shows the baby kicking in Natalie’s belly, something I never thought I’d see.

6. Candice Swanepoel.

With a successful career as one of Victoria’s Secret’s sexiest models, Candice’s pregnancy came as a surprise. She gave birth to her baby earlier this year and is already in even better shape than I’ll ever be.

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