7 Summer Date Ideas That’ll Make Anyone Swoon

My boyfriend and I are either incredibly active or incredibly lazy, there’s no in-between. During the summer it gets increasingly difficult for us to leave the house and just like the wintertime it’s because of the weather. When you’re sweating after being outdoors for only fifteen minutes leaving the comfort of your air conditioned home is insane.

However, that doesn’t give you an excuse to give up on romance. Here are a few date ideas that’ll get you hot this summer.

Have a picnic

Pick your spot carefully, I suggest under a shady tree or a bench with a breeze. Grab yourself a large blanket (I suggest a cheap thrifted one, you can get them for $5), light snacks, a boozy beverage (check out your city’s drinking laws first, or just hide it in a cup!) and a frisbee or football. This activity is also great to do with friends, and if everyone brings a dish you can have a potluck!

Go kayaking

This really only works if you live somewhere near a body of water — sorry you landlocked lovers! Besides being a great physical activity, kayaking is also a great way to stay cool. Just don’t rock the boat, there’s nothing like an unexpected plunge to ruin the mood.

Go on a beach trip

Another one you Midwesterners won’t be able to do, sorry again. Do a quick Google search and see what beaches are within a few hours from you. Pack a cooler full of beers, enough snacks to keep you happy and get your hands on a car. Just make sure to pack some sunscreen!

Play tennis

This date requires a bit more of a monetary commitment — unless you happen to have a tennis racket lying around. Tennis is a great activity to do with a partner because you not only get to exercise together, but also compete. Lots of cities have free courts too, all you have to do is Google them!

Go bowling

While I’m definitely not the best bowler I still enjoy an occasional round at a bowling alley. The key to a good time? Booze. Lots of it. Bring some friends or another couple after a few drinks and go wild. Place bets on who’ll do the best, mix it up and have fun!

Play video games

My boyfriend would say a great date is playing Call of Duty together (which I suck at BTW) but I’m more of a Super Smash Bros or Mario Party “gamer” myself. Pick whichever you’d prefer, just make sure to include a themed drinking game.

Go to an arcade

This might sound cheesy, but an arcade can be loads of fun with a partner. See who can get the most tickets, challenge one another to Mortal Kombat, play a round of skeeball. Bonus points if your arcade serves booze!


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