They’re Making A Movie About The World’s Worst Movie

Any film buff has probably seen the “romantic drama” (I use the term liberally), The Room. Directed by and starring Tommy Wiseau, the film is notorious for being full of plot holes, horrible dialogue and cringe-worthy acting.

These qualities have made the cult film what it is today: the worst movie ever.

If you’ve ever seen the movie you know what I’m talking about when I say it’s a complete mess. There are continuity errors that include a brief admission of breast cancer, a drug-related debt and excessive football playing. Just watch the video below for a brief look at the film’s strangeness!

Actor James Franco is adapting the novel The Disaster Artist for the big screen and it’s expected to hit theaters later this year. The Disaster Artist is a firsthand account of the making of The Room by one of its leading men, Greg Sestero. The book details the strange friendship between Sestero and Wiseau as well as the problems they had during production. Judging from the teaser there were a lot.

James Franco has unsurprisingly taken on the role of Tommy Wiseau, or “Johnny” in The Room, making him the lead character in The Disaster Artist. The character is odd but with an innate belief that he’s better than everyone else — personality traits Franco shouldn’t find too difficult to mimic. Greg Sestero, or “Mark”, will be played by Dave Franco, James’ younger brother.

The movie will also feature Seth Rogen — could it be a Franco movie without him in it? — Zac Efron, Alison Brie, Sharon Stone and Josh Hutcherson in a variety of odd roles.

The teaser trailer only gives us a brief glimpse into Franco’s film, but so far it looks good. What do you think?


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