Forget Working Out, You Could Get The Same Health Benefits While Taking A Bath

I swear this isn’t clickbait.

In a study by Loughorough University on the effects of hot water on the human metabolic system it was discovered that taking a hot bath for an hour could burn up to 140 calories, or as much as a brisk 30 minute walk! That’s right, you don’t need that expensive gym membership or hot yoga class or new running shoes to get your body in better shape. You can just hop in the tub instead.

Although 140 calories isn’t a lot food-wise — its about 20 almonds — this is still a great way to start the journey towards being healthier. If you’re sick or injured this could help you kickstart your health, or if you’re already a gym-nut this could be another way to be healthy.

Imagine coming home from a long day of work or school and know that you could just take an hour-long bath and not only relax but also burn off the pizza or potato chips you’ve devoured.

Combine the information of this new study with the fact that warm baths can also help your emotional state, and you’re bound to be the healthiest you yet.


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