8 Movie Parties You Wish You Could Go To

I’ve been to some crazy parties in my day, but no college party will ever be able to compete with the parties I saw taking place on the big screen.  I don’t know if it’s the prettier-than-average people, the near-infinite supply of booze, or the somehow manageable havoc, but something about movie parties is so damn iconic. Here are some of my favorites:

Project X

I’m sure this comes as no surprise. Project X’s entire premise was about some kids wanting to throw the best and biggest party ever — and against all odds they succeed. Since life imitates art it’s no surprise that a similarly advertised party had to be cancelled after it got over 20,000 Facebook RSVP’s.


I don’t go to a University with a Greek system so the idea of all these shenanigans happening while you’re supposed to be studying actually gives me anxiety, but I’d still go to the party — just for Zac Efron, of course.


The Great Gatsby 

Now who hasn’t day dreamed about going to a party like this? The clothes, the music, the dancing, the champagne — it’s all a recipe for an amazing evening. It’s just too bad parties like this don’t happen anymore — unless you’re a Kardashian.

Can’t Hardly Wait

Besides being about a damn good party, this is also a damn good movie. It’s notorious for having some of the best props (if you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about ) and as a party-goer I’ve gotta admit, they completely nailed the chaos that goes hand-in-hand with an awesome party.


Sure, Cher’s shoes got ruined, Tai got a concussion and Dion’s boyfriend shaved his head, but that doesn’t stop this party from being totally #lit, and I mean that literally (hehe) — this party managed to make even tacky Christmas lights look cool. And is there a better way to kiss your crush than a game of suck and blow?


10 Things I Hate About You

All Kat wanted to do was dance to some B.I.G. but a chandelier decided to catch her by surprise — I guess hitting your head is a common theme at these parties.

This Is The End

Besides being set it in a house that could make anyone jealous, this party also had celebrities galore. What could be more amazing than partying with Rihanna, James Franco and Mindy Kaling? My answer: nothing.

The Hangover

I’m 99% sure this movie was a brilliant marketing ploy by the city of Las Vegas to bring more easily-influenced bachelors to their town. Some parts of the night aren’t really my thing (like getting married to a stranger or losing a tooth) but I’d love to hang out with a tiger for a couple hours. This would totally be a party to remember —figuratively of course.



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