This New Hello Kitty Clothing Collection Isn’t For Kids

Hello Kitty has been a popular cartoon character since the 1970s, working her way up from a small design on a wallet to a billion dollar industry complete with jets, restaurants, and theme parks. The company that designed her, Sanrio, has featured the cute kitty on clothes before, but most of these designs are for kids — that’s all changed with their newest collaboration.

Working with the brand Lazy Oaf, Hello Kitty is finally shedding her cute persona in exchange for something a bit more cool.

The collection ranges from a baby pink denim jacket with frills (£120) to a pair of bright colored socks  (£18) — everything features the Hello Kitty character in some way. None of the items are very inspired  — at least in my opinion — with most of the collection looking like something you could purchase from Urban Outfitters. The clothes are predictably trendy and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some beauty bloggers traipsing around in the pieces in the next week or so. I guess if you’ve got the dough to spend you could purchase this new collection, but honestly, you could get the same look for less in the kids section.

This isn’t the first time Lazy Oaf has released clothing inspired by cartoon characters — they’ve previously made dresses and shirts with Looney Tunes characters — I guess designing something new isn’t as profitable as using someone else’s work.


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