This Popular Youtuber Filmed A Fight Between His Cats And A Scorpion

Although he has over 3 million subscribers, this Youtuber may not be well known to anyone outside of Asia. Nathan Bartling, or ‘My Mate Nate’, is an American living in Thailand who gained popularity during the peak days of pranking videos. His most recent video (which is in Thai&English) is less of a prank — in my opinion at least — and more of an example of how sadistic Nate can be.

He starts the video by saying he “found” the scorpion in his home and proceeds to place the bug near one of his cats. As most cat owners know, felines will usually play with anything you give them that moves. Of course, Nate doesn’t just want the cat to play with the scorpion, he wants them to fight, he even says so himself at 0:38.

At 1:40 the scorpion finally manages to grab onto the cat with one of its claws, and Nate shouts, “Ooooh! It got him, it got him, it got him!” but does not attempt to help his pet  out of its predicament. After a few minutes the cats eventually get bored of the scorpion, but only after both sides receive a few injuries. Nate eventually proclaims the scorpion the winner — although he’s now lost his stinger — but still tries to get his cats to play with it some more.

He ends the video by saying he loves his cats very much — a statement I find hard to believe — and writes in the description that the scorpion isn’t venomous, despite the undeniable fact that all species of scorpion have venom in them.

This isn’t the first time Nate’s been in trouble with the media, just a few months ago he received backlash for a video where he playfully gutted a fish (it’s since been deleted) and last year he made a very public apology after pranking and mocking the English language skills of students in Thailand — he went around asking boys and girls if “they were on their period”.

This specific incident angered a large portion of his “fan” base and in five short hours 55,000 people petitioned to have Nate investigated for animal cruelty. A police report was officially filed against him on June 9th, but no charges have officially been made.

We can only pray that all this drama will teach him a lesson: pick on someone your own size.


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