London Hit By Another Deadly Tragedy As A 24-Storey Building Goes Up In Flames

A catastrophic fire erupted shortly before 1 AM on June 14 in West London and burned out about four hours later. The building, Grenfell Tower, was engulfed in flames as 40 fire engines and over 200 firefighters attempted to stop the blaze. The building itself was 24 storeys tall and had 120 apartment units — over 120 people are believed to have been living in the building at the time of the fire.

There are conflicting reports on whether or not residents of the building were told to evacuate, with the Fire Brigade stating that they were enforcing evacuation procedures while surviving residents claim they’d been told to stay inside.

Multiple eyewitnesses report that they saw what looked like flashlights shining through the buildings windows and there were also  reports of people jumping from the building whilst on fire. Other witnesses report hearing children screaming and seeing attempts for escape via bedsheets.

After the fire had burned out the London Fire Brigade and the Metropolitan Police confirmed that there were numerous people being treated for a multitude injuries and that there were at least 17 casualties.

This horrible event comes ten days after the London Bridge attacks which killed 7 and injured nearly 50 people and three weeks after the Manchester Arena Bombing which injured over a hundred people and killed 23 (including the bomber).

I don’t know why this beautiful city has had to endure so many tragedies this year, but I can only hope that events like this will stop occurring and the good people of Britain won’t be subjected to any more pain.


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