12 TV Shows To Watch For Awesome Outfit Inspiration

Forget magazines, television is where you should be getting your inspiration nowadays. With fashion constantly recycling trends it’s no surprise that some of the styles from the past are making a comeback — even stuff from the 2000’s (one of the most cringey years in fashion)! Here are a few of my favorite TV shows to watch when I’m looking for outfit inspiration, check them out! 


The Charmed Ones wore the best and worst trends of the late 90s and early 2000s. Starting with cute stuff like basic crop tops and bodycon dresses then making a turn for worse with shimmery tops and matching headbands. Let’s hope the upcoming reboot does the show justice.

Gossip Girl

Everyone at one point in time wanted Blair, Serena, or Jenny’s wardrobe. Unfortunately most of us don’t have access to platinum credit cards or have fashion designers as friends.

True Blood

Sookie Stackhouse basically invented the sundress and sneakers combination — maybe that’s why those thirsty vampires couldn’t keep their hands off of her.


Named after its lead, Felicity was a show about a young woman who spontaneously moves to NYC for university. The character was perpetually wearing jeans and seemed to have a never-ending supply of button-ups, sweaters, and leather bags. We also got to see how important a haircut can be, after Felicity got “the chop” the show’s ratings and viewership plummeted — coincidence? I think not!

Dawson’s Creek

You could always count on Joey to show you how to dress like the ideal girl next door with baggy jeans, flannel, and stained overalls. Jen on the other hand, was the girl to turn to when you wanted to woo someone while wearing a short skirt and a cardigan.


From Rachel’s tight little tees to Monica’s mom jeans to Phoebe’s patterned pants, this show really knew how to build a wardrobe.

That 70’s Show

With Donna’s bellbottom jeans and graphic tees, and Jackie’s floral prints and platform heels, the two female leads managed to make the 70s look cool and chic. And let’s never forget Mila Kunis flawlessly pulling off icey pink lipstick and huge hair for prom — a look only the bravest of us should attempt.

Pretty Little Liars

If the girls spent half as much time finding out who A is as they do getting dressed this series would be long over, but that’d be no fun now would it? The quartet have wildly different styles, but you should be able to identify with at least one of them: Emily is on the sporty side, Spencer is preppy, Hannah dresses femininely, and Aria is a bit edgy.

American Horror Story

Each season of AHS has its own storyline, so it’s no surprise that each season also has its own fashion sense. Murder House is modern with gothic-bohemian undertones, Coven had every shade of black, and Freak Show was a throwback to the style of the 1950s.

Sex and the City

Perhaps one of the most iconic TV shows when it comes to fashion. Sometimes the outfits were a tad bizarre, but Sex and the City taught all of us valuable lessons about clothes and love.

Beverly Hills 90210

This iconic show about Californian high schoolers features chokers of every color, sheer mesh tops, high waisted jeans, western-style belts, and crop tops — pretty much everything your average fashionista has in her closet.

The Nanny

Fran was wearing crop top co-ords and mini pencil skirts before it was cool. Although her outfits might not be considered appropriate work attire nowadays, we can’t deny that Ms. Fine always looked fine.

What are your favorite TV shows to watch for fashion inspiration? Let me know down below!


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