8 Movie Parties You Wish You Could Go To

I’ve been to some crazy parties in my day, but no college party will ever be able to compete with the parties I saw taking place on the big screen.  I don’t know if it’s the prettier-than-average people, the near-infinite supply of booze, or the somehow manageable havoc, but something about movie parties is so damn iconic. Here are some of my favorites:

Project X

I’m sure this comes as no surprise. Project X’s entire premise was about some kids wanting to throw the best and biggest party ever — and against all odds they succeed. Since life imitates art it’s no surprise that a similarly advertised party had to be cancelled after it got over 20,000 Facebook RSVP’s.


I don’t go to a University with a Greek system so the idea of all these shenanigans happening while you’re supposed to be studying actually gives me anxiety, but I’d still go to the party — just for Zac Efron, of course.


The Great Gatsby 

Now who hasn’t day dreamed about going to a party like this? The clothes, the music, the dancing, the champagne — it’s all a recipe for an amazing evening. It’s just too bad parties like this don’t happen anymore — unless you’re a Kardashian.

Can’t Hardly Wait

Besides being about a damn good party, this is also a damn good movie. It’s notorious for having some of the best props (if you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about ) and as a party-goer I’ve gotta admit, they completely nailed the chaos that goes hand-in-hand with an awesome party.


Sure, Cher’s shoes got ruined, Tai got a concussion and Dion’s boyfriend shaved his head, but that doesn’t stop this party from being totally #lit, and I mean that literally (hehe) — this party managed to make even tacky Christmas lights look cool. And is there a better way to kiss your crush than a game of suck and blow?


10 Things I Hate About You

All Kat wanted to do was dance to some B.I.G. but a chandelier decided to catch her by surprise — I guess hitting your head is a common theme at these parties.

This Is The End

Besides being set it in a house that could make anyone jealous, this party also had celebrities galore. What could be more amazing than partying with Rihanna, James Franco and Mindy Kaling? My answer: nothing.

The Hangover

I’m 99% sure this movie was a brilliant marketing ploy by the city of Las Vegas to bring more easily-influenced bachelors to their town. Some parts of the night aren’t really my thing (like getting married to a stranger or losing a tooth) but I’d love to hang out with a tiger for a couple hours. This would totally be a party to remember —figuratively of course.


This New Hello Kitty Clothing Collection Isn’t For Kids

Hello Kitty has been a popular cartoon character since the 1970s, working her way up from a small design on a wallet to a billion dollar industry complete with jets, restaurants, and theme parks. The company that designed her, Sanrio, has featured the cute kitty on clothes before, but most of these designs are for kids — that’s all changed with their newest collaboration.

Working with the brand Lazy Oaf, Hello Kitty is finally shedding her cute persona in exchange for something a bit more cool.

The collection ranges from a baby pink denim jacket with frills (£120) to a pair of bright colored socks  (£18) — everything features the Hello Kitty character in some way. None of the items are very inspired  — at least in my opinion — with most of the collection looking like something you could purchase from Urban Outfitters. The clothes are predictably trendy and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some beauty bloggers traipsing around in the pieces in the next week or so. I guess if you’ve got the dough to spend you could purchase this new collection, but honestly, you could get the same look for less in the kids section.

This isn’t the first time Lazy Oaf has released clothing inspired by cartoon characters — they’ve previously made dresses and shirts with Looney Tunes characters — I guess designing something new isn’t as profitable as using someone else’s work.

Selena Gomez Is Total Perfection In Her Newest Music Video

My crush on Selena Gomez probably started back in elementary school when Wizards of Waverly Place first aired. Unlike the rest of the “Disney Darlings” — Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff — Selena’s character, Alex Russo, was equal parts sweet and snarky. She’d dish out insults at the drop of the hat but give those she actually cared about as much love as possible — a very different formula than other Disney leads who were needy and uptight.

Now, a decade later, I’m still madly in love with her — and I don’t expect that to change — but today I reached a whole new level of obsessed.

Her latest music video, Bad Liar, was released today, and even though I’m not a huge fan of the song I’ve watched it at least a dozen times. Selena manages to do what she does best: act funny, sassy, cute, sexy, and unbelievably relatable all at the same time.

In the music video Selena plays five characters: a blonde phys-ed teacher, an awkward mustachioed man, a suburban housewife, and a teenager who seems to be a pariah at her high school.

The video appears to be set in the 70s and each character is strangely interconnected. The teenage character is the child of the suburban housewife and the mustached man. The couple seems to be experiencing some marital problems, the cause of which marital problems may stem from the man’s current fascination with the phys-ed teacher. The two characters are shown canoodling around the high school campus — where they both teach — and aren’t very subtle about it. This particular detail is made even more interesting when it’s revealed that Selena’s high school character is also interested in the woman — that’s right, father and daughter want to date the same woman.

Selena Gomez is in a love triangle with herself — could there be anything more amazing? Besides doing something out of the box by playing a male character and a lesbian, she also proves she can pull off any hair color.

Do you need any other reasons to love her?

This Popular Youtuber Filmed A Fight Between His Cats And A Scorpion

Although he has over 3 million subscribers, this Youtuber may not be well known to anyone outside of Asia. Nathan Bartling, or ‘My Mate Nate’, is an American living in Thailand who gained popularity during the peak days of pranking videos. His most recent video (which is in Thai&English) is less of a prank — in my opinion at least — and more of an example of how sadistic Nate can be.

He starts the video by saying he “found” the scorpion in his home and proceeds to place the bug near one of his cats. As most cat owners know, felines will usually play with anything you give them that moves. Of course, Nate doesn’t just want the cat to play with the scorpion, he wants them to fight, he even says so himself at 0:38.

At 1:40 the scorpion finally manages to grab onto the cat with one of its claws, and Nate shouts, “Ooooh! It got him, it got him, it got him!” but does not attempt to help his pet  out of its predicament. After a few minutes the cats eventually get bored of the scorpion, but only after both sides receive a few injuries. Nate eventually proclaims the scorpion the winner — although he’s now lost his stinger — but still tries to get his cats to play with it some more.

He ends the video by saying he loves his cats very much — a statement I find hard to believe — and writes in the description that the scorpion isn’t venomous, despite the undeniable fact that all species of scorpion have venom in them.

This isn’t the first time Nate’s been in trouble with the media, just a few months ago he received backlash for a video where he playfully gutted a fish (it’s since been deleted) and last year he made a very public apology after pranking and mocking the English language skills of students in Thailand — he went around asking boys and girls if “they were on their period”.

This specific incident angered a large portion of his “fan” base and in five short hours 55,000 people petitioned to have Nate investigated for animal cruelty. A police report was officially filed against him on June 9th, but no charges have officially been made.

We can only pray that all this drama will teach him a lesson: pick on someone your own size.

London Hit By Another Deadly Tragedy As A 24-Storey Building Goes Up In Flames

A catastrophic fire erupted shortly before 1 AM on June 14 in West London and burned out about four hours later. The building, Grenfell Tower, was engulfed in flames as 40 fire engines and over 200 firefighters attempted to stop the blaze. The building itself was 24 storeys tall and had 120 apartment units — over 120 people are believed to have been living in the building at the time of the fire.

There are conflicting reports on whether or not residents of the building were told to evacuate, with the Fire Brigade stating that they were enforcing evacuation procedures while surviving residents claim they’d been told to stay inside.

Multiple eyewitnesses report that they saw what looked like flashlights shining through the buildings windows and there were also  reports of people jumping from the building whilst on fire. Other witnesses report hearing children screaming and seeing attempts for escape via bedsheets.

After the fire had burned out the London Fire Brigade and the Metropolitan Police confirmed that there were numerous people being treated for a multitude injuries and that there were at least 17 casualties.

This horrible event comes ten days after the London Bridge attacks which killed 7 and injured nearly 50 people and three weeks after the Manchester Arena Bombing which injured over a hundred people and killed 23 (including the bomber).

I don’t know why this beautiful city has had to endure so many tragedies this year, but I can only hope that events like this will stop occurring and the good people of Britain won’t be subjected to any more pain.

My Music: Vibin’

Welcome to my first playlist,”Vibin'”. This is a (small) collection of music that I love listening to when I just wanna relax and chill. You’ll notice most of the music has a distinct indie-rock-r&b vibe, it’s just what I like to listen to.

Hope you enjoy!

#Trending: Embroidery

This will be the first post in a series about fashion trends that are popular at the current moment. The trend I’ll be focusing on today happens to be one of my favorites: embroidery.

I’m in love with everything embroidered whether it be shoes, shirts, or jeans. Any time I’m shopping and see something embroidered I have to restrain myself from buying it.

These are a few embroidered items that I’m totally in love with and think would make great pieces in anyone’s closet.

How do you feel about this fashion trend?

Embroidered jeans

Embroidered sneakers

Embroidered satin shirt

Embroidered jeans

Embroidered tee

Embroidered backpack

Embroidered off the shoulder top

12 TV Shows To Watch For Awesome Outfit Inspiration

Forget magazines, television is where you should be getting your inspiration nowadays. With fashion constantly recycling trends it’s no surprise that some of the styles from the past are making a comeback — even stuff from the 2000’s (one of the most cringey years in fashion)! Here are a few of my favorite TV shows to watch when I’m looking for outfit inspiration, check them out! 


The Charmed Ones wore the best and worst trends of the late 90s and early 2000s. Starting with cute stuff like basic crop tops and bodycon dresses then making a turn for worse with shimmery tops and matching headbands. Let’s hope the upcoming reboot does the show justice.

Gossip Girl

Everyone at one point in time wanted Blair, Serena, or Jenny’s wardrobe. Unfortunately most of us don’t have access to platinum credit cards or have fashion designers as friends.

True Blood

Sookie Stackhouse basically invented the sundress and sneakers combination — maybe that’s why those thirsty vampires couldn’t keep their hands off of her.


Named after its lead, Felicity was a show about a young woman who spontaneously moves to NYC for university. The character was perpetually wearing jeans and seemed to have a never-ending supply of button-ups, sweaters, and leather bags. We also got to see how important a haircut can be, after Felicity got “the chop” the show’s ratings and viewership plummeted — coincidence? I think not!

Dawson’s Creek

You could always count on Joey to show you how to dress like the ideal girl next door with baggy jeans, flannel, and stained overalls. Jen on the other hand, was the girl to turn to when you wanted to woo someone while wearing a short skirt and a cardigan.


From Rachel’s tight little tees to Monica’s mom jeans to Phoebe’s patterned pants, this show really knew how to build a wardrobe.

That 70’s Show

With Donna’s bellbottom jeans and graphic tees, and Jackie’s floral prints and platform heels, the two female leads managed to make the 70s look cool and chic. And let’s never forget Mila Kunis flawlessly pulling off icey pink lipstick and huge hair for prom — a look only the bravest of us should attempt.

Pretty Little Liars

If the girls spent half as much time finding out who A is as they do getting dressed this series would be long over, but that’d be no fun now would it? The quartet have wildly different styles, but you should be able to identify with at least one of them: Emily is on the sporty side, Spencer is preppy, Hannah dresses femininely, and Aria is a bit edgy.

American Horror Story

Each season of AHS has its own storyline, so it’s no surprise that each season also has its own fashion sense. Murder House is modern with gothic-bohemian undertones, Coven had every shade of black, and Freak Show was a throwback to the style of the 1950s.

Sex and the City

Perhaps one of the most iconic TV shows when it comes to fashion. Sometimes the outfits were a tad bizarre, but Sex and the City taught all of us valuable lessons about clothes and love.

Beverly Hills 90210

This iconic show about Californian high schoolers features chokers of every color, sheer mesh tops, high waisted jeans, western-style belts, and crop tops — pretty much everything your average fashionista has in her closet.

The Nanny

Fran was wearing crop top co-ords and mini pencil skirts before it was cool. Although her outfits might not be considered appropriate work attire nowadays, we can’t deny that Ms. Fine always looked fine.

What are your favorite TV shows to watch for fashion inspiration? Let me know down below!

7 Shoes From ASOS I Wish I Owned

ASOS is one of my favorite online clothing stores. They have something for everyone—people who are sporty, people who are feminine, people who are grungy. The prices range from high-end to easily affordable. Here are a few shoes I’ve recently come across on ASOS that I’d love to add to my closet.

Which do you like?

Embroidered Flats
Brown Broques
Green Heels
Black Platform Heels
Black Boots
Black Wooden Heels
Embroidered Heels